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Artist on Tumblr

Jon Klassen | on Tumblr (b.1981, Canada)  

Jon Klassen is a Canadian writer and illustrator of children’s books and an animator. Born in Winnipeg and grew up Toronto, he studied animation at Sheridan College and graduated in 2005. The Los Angeles-based artist might have made his first big splash as an animator, working as a concept artist on high profile animation projects including Coraline and Kung Fu Panda 2This Is Not My Hat, which he also wrote. He is also well known for his 2011 picture book I Want My Hat Back.

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pet my hair, kiss my lips, tell me that capitalism will end soon

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Hand-Painted Wing Scarf ($60.00)

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Showgirls photographed by Gordon Parks, New York, 1958 (via)

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She’s not coming through it
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Hermann Obrist (Swiss, 1862-1927)

Art nouveau artist, teacher, and sculptor. Obrist wrote of seeing an ethereal vision of a heavenly city when he was a young man. An otherworldly, visionary quality characterizes his work:


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Wasted Rita
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Hold me, Giant Carrot Body Pillow
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Opaque  by  andbamnan