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The Every Occasion Card

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The Clay to Bronze Sculpture of Devon Dorrity

In life you have to make choices as to where you spend your time.  Each minute you spend on one activity takes away from another.  Finding a balance that allows you to keep your sanity and create memories and a legacy that you can be proud to pass on is the great challenge we all face.  Our time is short, so choose wisely, prioritize and help others along the way.  For only they will remember you when you are gone.


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Earl Foolish AW14 - Blodmagi preview

You can now preview the AW14 collection in the webshop. I’ve decided to push the release until wednesday (Sept 3rd). In the presale, all prices will be 20% off what you can see now, and it will last for two weeks. Product names and descriptions will most likely be change and/or updated.

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Burn baby, burn.
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Eve is graceful, luminous and impeccably dressed. She wears western boots and hats, and vintage white denim jackets with matching slim jeans. Her hair is pale blonde, her skin nearly translucent white, and her lips often colored deep red with lipstick. Several thousand years older than Adam, Eve possesses an exuberant appreciation for eternal consciousness. She believes their immortality is a great gift not to be squandered and that life, though precarious and fragile, is too far precious to be wasted.

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Dot work tattoos by Ilya Brezinski

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StPete based tattoo artist and talented illustrator Ilya Brezinski shows off his best in dot-work technique. Whatever the material – skin or paper Ilya handles each work with a lot of care and attention to details.

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Sutjeska, Bosnia (by pullpusher)
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Friso Kramer Euroika vanity set mirror auping 1963
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